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Slot Strategy

You don't often hear about a slots strategy, do you? I mean, you might have not even thought that there was one, right? Well, surprisingly enough, you can play the slots with a strategy in mind, which will give you a greater return.

A slots strategy consists of a number of things outlined below, the most important being that you select a machine that matches your bankroll and that has a decent payout percentage. Of course, anything in the 90's might sound good to you, but if you look at it carefully you'll see that it's not so. Take a look at the strategy steps below for a detailed explanation of each.

Step 1: Choosing the area
Slots aren't just placed anywhere on the casino floor; in fact, they have the most strategic placement of all casino games to invite more players. Areas surrounding busy places such as coffee shops, change booths and elevated carousels are the most likely to have loose slots. Another popular spot where the better machines are often placed is near slot aisles. The reason for this placement is that the more people witness a hit on a slot machine, the more will be inclined to play them. Areas to keep away from include those near ticket lines, table games, and sport book areas.

Step 2: Determining a bankroll
The first thing you need to do before any gambling is done is to determine the size of your bankroll. Make sure that it's an amount that you can afford to lose, as it is possible in the worst-case scenario. Never establish a bankroll size with the thought that the more you spend, the more you win as this is not always true.

Step 3: Selecting the right machine
Depending on the size of your bankroll you can now select a coin denomination that you're comfortable with and which will also give you the most play for your money. The length of time that you'll be able to play given your bankroll is also influenced by the payout percentage of the particular machine. Always play the highest denomination that you're comfortable with since the payout rate tends to be higher the more you put on a single bet.

Step 4: The game
Betting maximum coins is essential if you're going for the jackpot; it'll be a big bummer if you've got the winning combination but didn't bet the required number of coins. If you don't like the idea of betting maximum coins because it won't give you enough play-time, consider switching to a lower-denomination machine.

Step 5: Running out...
Once your bankroll is all used up, it's a good time for you to leave. Remember what you had set aside, before sitting down at a machine. A slots gambler, just as any other, has to be discipline and be able to control the amount of time spent on a slot machine in order to avoid addiction.

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