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There is a wide range of opinions pertaining to what constitutes video slots and here is my point of view. Although often confused, video slot machines vary from simulated slots in more ways than one. In an effort to separate the two, I have created a certain criteria for each.

As described in the previous section, sim slots are merely a computer-simulated version of real-life slot machines. The actual machine isn't there; instead, a graphical representation of the body is displayed on the computer screen and sometimes only the reels and lever are shown. Either way, there is no real matter to touch - everything is experienced through the sense of sight and hearing.

Video slots on the other hand, look just like the regular slot machines on the casino floor with one exception: the reels are replaced by a digital depiction that is animated to mimic the way regular slots behave. Anyone with an interest in slots has at some point come across a video poker machine and because the two are so similar in appearance, you might have even mistaken one for a slot machine. The reason it's called 'video poker' is because the game is in digital form. Video slot machines are based on the same concept as video poker is; instead of the reels you are presented with a screen, which graphically displays the reels.

Apart from the slight variation in their physical appearance, video slots don't differ much from the regular machines. The odds and payback percentages are the same as those you would expect on any other machine depending on their physical placement in the casino.

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